"My only interest is in my destiny."

A world-weary and rather put-upon clergyman of Faydell Cathedral. He is an eligible bachelor of the heroine in Otome Fantasista. Upon reaching Faydell, you will have a choice between him and Pascal Kleine. Choosing Mathis despite his protests will make you unable to recruit Pascal. He is the elder brother of the current High Speaker of the Church.


Introverted and somewhat snobby, Mathis has a tendency to come across as either condescending or arrogant to most people. Behind this, he is quite a passionate and driven individual with very limited interests which makes communication rather difficult for him. He despises "Small Talk", and frequent attempts by the heroine to flirt with him will often lead to him becoming annoyed with her company in general. 

A teacher at heart, he prefers intelligent and curious people, and will be much more friendly if broached with questions about whatever he is interested in. 

He tends to be very sarcastic and demeaning, and has very little in the way of empathy be it socially or emotionally. Because of this, he has a bad reputation, and will sometimes easily trample over someone's feelings or conversations when he's out of sorts.


Similar to Nico Lallalin and Castor Kladvin, Mathis seems to have clear ulterior motives in joining with your followers, seen in the fact that despite his complaints about you choosing him over Pascal, he will always ultimately join your party of his own free will upon leaving Faydell City. He is more knowledgeable than the rest of the party about the rites and the pilgrimage, though he rarely dispenses advice unless it suits him.



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Mathis's rival bachelor is Pascal Kleine . However he will clash spectacularly with Castor, should you recruit him.

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