The Karma System is a system in NAMEPENDINGDESU that allows you to gain points for battle performance and other factors to be spent on rewards in reincarnation mode. It only can be used after the completion of a route. More game breaking rewards cost more points, simple rewards cost less. Rewards always stack should you complete another route and reincarnate again. 

Your handy guide to spending and explaining your Karma Reward Purchases is the NPC Angel Bureaucrat Gala, who coordinates the afterlife.

Gathering Karma PointsEdit

Karma Points are rewarded for multiple actions across the gameplay, the majority will be earned through good battle scores, but they can also be rewarded for:

  • Collecting Knowledge
  • Helping NPCs
  • Doing Sidequests
  • Boosting Relationships with Bachelors

Falling in Battle will take away a percentage of your total Karma points, and completing either the Evil Route, or doing most of Castor's questlines will also deplete it by a healthy percentage.

Possible PurchasesEdit


Reward Price
Double Relationship Stat Bonuses PRICEHERE
Double Training and Battle Stat Bonuses PRICEHERE
Triple All Stat Bonus Gain PRICEHERE
Keep All Stat Bonuses PRICE HERE


Reward Price
Priestess Power (All Innate Skills Are Stronger) PRICEHERE
Power Upgrade (All Physical Skills Do More Damage) PRICEHERE
Magic Upgrade (All Magical Skills Do More Damage) PRICEHERE
Chosen One (Keep all Priestess Special Skills) PRICEHERE
Keep All Tutored Skills PRICEHERE
Awesome Allies (All Bachelors keep levels and stat bonuses) PRICE HERE
Keep All Skills PriceHere


Reward Price
Item Genius (Know all items and how to properly use them) PRICE
Monster Expert (Recognize All Monster Weaknesses) PRICE
Retain Knowledge of Past Life PRICE
Historian (Know everything you can know about your history) PRICE


Reward Price
Prepared Camper (Keep All Consumable Items) PRICE
Ax Crazy (Keep all Weapons) PRICE
Properly Paranoid (Keep All Armor) PAY
World's Greatest Shoplifter (Shoplift and Steal with less chance of getting caught.) THE
Keep All Items PRICE


Reward Price
Faster Relationships PRICE
Foot In Mouth (Want to decrease someone's affection? Now you'll double your score losses when you say the wrong thing!) PRICE
Maintain Relationship with Party Member of Choice PRICE
The NPC Life (All NPCs become your friends three times as fast) PRICE
Maintain Relationships From Past Life PRICE
SuperMegaFoxyHot (You will never be friendzoned or found unattractive by a bachelor for your personality again. WARNING. COULD HAVE NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES AND START RIVALRIES EXTREMELY QUICKLY) PRICE

Special PurchasesEdit

Special Purchases can only be made once, and will always stack over, mostly adding new dungeons, characters, or routes to the game itself. They tend to be the most expensive options, some of them are only open after certain routes are completed.

Reward Price
The Absent-Minded Sorceror (Unlocks Castor Kladvin and his Route) CHEAP
Super-Introvert! (You can now play your role with 100% less talking, and 200% more inner monologue!) CHEAP
Laziest Heroine (No more Relationship Drops for Idle Battle Mode) AVERAGE
Bonus Dungeon EXPENSIVE
Save the Prince! (Can spare Olivier's life, and unlock the True Route) EXPENSIVE
Can't Beat That Logic (Unlocks the Evil Route, and two short romantic routes.) EXPENSIVE
Ultra Mode (More Damage, No Carry Overs, Harder Relationships,  EXPENSIVE


  • All unspent Karma Points carry over into your reincarnation.
  • You have to repurchase certain rewards upon completing another route, particularly in the 'maintaining' rewards.