Castor Loki Kladvin
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Castor is the secret Bachelor in Otome Fantasista, only available after getting at least one ending. He is the estranged child of Lyra Kladvin, and personality wise is a dim-witted but very passionate and bombastic man obsessed with all things magic. He is an anomaly in the universe, being a person without the genetic elf features with the ability to use magic.




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Castor's rival in your party is Elys Laverret. Having high friendship and Castor at the same time will activate both their rival modes. Castor has one of the more brutal and stressful rival modes out of the other recruitable bachelors, as his storyline, should you choose him over Elys will always result in the death of his rival in his quest dungeon. Rival mode will make Castor more boastful, show-offish, and generally condescending to Elys, and sometimes The Heroine. Not choosing him will aggravate these traits to everyone in the party. 

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Having Castor's Rival Mode activated gives extreme buffs to MATK, but also decreases your defense considerably. 

Activating it, and then choosing Castor over Elys will give you access to one of the strongest spells in the game.

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