Brandt Matthew Easton

General Information
Age 19
Race Human/Halfkey
Birthday October 23rd
Birthplace Port Deveroux
Height 5'10

"It's too loud here."

Brandt Easton is a recurring major character in the Orion Series , and is a close childhood friend of Delphie Lyle . He is a tritagonist in both A Few Small Wishes and Unlocked , before becoming a Protagonist in Another Day. He is identified as a Halfkey during the events of Another Day.


Brandt is a close childhood friend of Delphie Lyle, having known her since they were eight years old. Despite this, their relationship has become increasingly strained over the years.

Brandt is an extremely talented and studious young man, well known and popular around the student body, and with an IQ of approximately 128. On outward appearances, he strikes most people as a charismatic and friendly guy, probably with a bright future ahead of him. However, Brandt's outward appearance is mostly that of a facade, hiding a great deal of bad habits, temper issues, and self-depreciation. 

Brandt always strives for perfection. In everything. Perfection in sports, perfection in grades, perfection in homeroom essays to the social ladder, and it's only matched by his complete disinterest in absolutely everything. In reality his outward facade is merely the fabrication of a boy trying to impress a domineering mother. He himself is an empty, motiveless shell of a person, often falling to borderline suicide levels. 

He represses most of his emotions or drives to an extreme, only to take them out on the few people he likes, usually, Delphie herself. He has extreme violent urges which he usually takes out in random fistfights away from home.

Most of his less stellar antics are hidden from everyone, including his parents and the student body, where only his drive to keep his Valedictorian status shows through.


A Few Small Wishes

While playing a more minor role, Brandt's deteriorating mental state and mistreatment of Delphie fuel most of her actions across the story, from being what brought her into Saiph's attention to begin with, to being the subject of her very first wish. He is actively villified and demonized by Saiph himself as an unwanted part of Delphie's life, even after she put her life at risk to save him. In the end, this is succesfull enough that they call off their friendship after a large fight.


Without any positive influence, Brandt continues to drift more down the self destructive line, and becomes outright antagonistic towards Delphie, blaming her for slipping grades, and causing her a large amount of stress when she's already in a bad mental state herself. 

Another Day



The only child of Matthew and Lina Easton, Brandt's home life is governed by the strict and psychopathic whims of his mother, who demands nothing but perfection. His father works the day away, while his mother is verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive. He makes an active effort to hide the bruises and scars, though there are noticeable ones on the back of his neck in particular, though he never has told the truth to anyone, including Delphie.

Being optimistic and accepting of his life as a child, he suffered a severe mental breakdown while sent away to a private boarding school, which not only increased his abuse when he had to be expelled, but caused a downward spiral of self-loathing, suicidal tendencies and self destructive antics. 

Stuck in a state of depression, he focused on his studies as his mother wanted, while performing acts of self-destructive rebellion on the side, thus causing his deteriorating relationship with his best friend, and his distancing from all other people around him emotionally.


Pre-Another Day

Brandt is exceptionally intelligent, quite physically able, and very charismatic and convincing should he need be. He lacks the supernatural draw and abilities of Delphie, however.

Post - Another Day

Being a Halfkey, Brandt is incapable of making what could be called a fair deal with a djinn he is bound to. He cannot make any particularly large wishes, or any without a wait period, without risking serious damage to his body or death. However, his resistances are larger than most due to his natural pain resistence and physical tenacity. Turning the typical Halfkey limit from one wish, to three.


Delphie Lyle

Lina and Matthew Easton





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